Critical Roll Jackpot

Roll the dice for the Jackpot

Roll for the critical chance of charity

Criticall Roll

Roll the dice ! - keep rolling and win the jackpot

Community Token

Community driven, fair launch & anti whale. Dev burned 50% tokens at creation, 99% remain in Liquidity, 1% in jackpot wallet renounced ownership. Team participates in the fair launch like everyone else. No single wallet can hold more than 1% of all tokens.

Charity Project

Looking at altcoins from a different perspective. Community controlled 'death' of the token for a good cause. When the condition is rolled, the jackpot will be send to winner or charity

Token attributes tokens created; burned immediately 4.950.000.000 for trade in LP, 10.000.000 in jackpot wallet; 0% of the tokens were destined to the developers of this contract; 6% fee on every transaction (4% burn; 2% to all holders)

The Condition:

Roll five times '6' and collect your reward !

When you roll the 5th '6', a key-ID will show in a popup. Save that key, with it you can collect your reward. A minimum of 500.000 $CRTJP tokens need to be in your wallet to collect your reward!


You rolled: -

Globally rolled: -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -


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